Monday, 23 March 2009

Fine Weather

Finally we have some fine weather and so work begins on the little boat.
We have stripped off the sheets and halyards to replace them with new colour coded ones, to help Sarah learn the ropes.
The hull has been stripped down, quite well, as well as can be expected for two very impatient people.
Then blasted off with a pressure washer.
The cabin has been cleaned, rubbed down and painted white.
The stinky head has been removed and the space turned into a cupboard.
The cushions will be new and covered in some suitably bright and garish fabric by Sarah and I have no doubt that the inside of the cabin will be decorated in some way.

The hull has been painted Oxford Blue with a cream water line.
There is the beginnings of a Celtic sea-horse on the bow. Sarah reckons that because the boat is called "spindrift" which means the spray from waves, that involves white horses and they must be sea horses and as we live in Celtic Cornwall naturally a Celtic sea horse is what needs to be on the bow... well it makes perfect sense to her... and she must be obeyed.
The decks have been painted cream as we figure that that is easier on the eye, when out in the blazing sun, than white.